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Motorsport Simulator

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The motorsport simulator is the perfect complement for racing teams and drivers.

A perfected computer simulation provides amazingly realistic test and training runs as well as setups and at the same time reduces your running costs significantly. The unique 3-axes-movement conveys the sense of velocity and centrifugal forces impressively real. 250 motion-updates per second guarantee an optimal perception of road surface and state of the chassis.

After extensive test drives professional race drivers like Uwe Alzen and Michael Bartels were convinced of driving experience and overall performance.
A wide range of sports and prototypes is at your disposal. In addition, we offer the useful option of track knowledge. Almost every internationally established race track is available. Indeed, you can even determine the weather desired and set the current weather conditions for the sector.

The simulator can also be used for events like openings or anniversaries of interested enterprises. Please contact us any time for more information!




"Motorsport Simulator is an amazing traning tool"

  • Premium build quality
  • Simulates Rear Traction Loss and Rear Wheel Hop
  • Professional steering wheel and pedals
  • Professional sequential shifter
  • Unbelievably realistic experience
  • Superb customer service and support
  • Pre-installed simulations iRacing, rfactor…
  • F1, GT , LMP, DTM, WTCC , ETCC , Historic cars, ...
  • Professional training tool for race drivers


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